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The plain idea behind PPC is straightforward: you pay for your publicity. Place an ad given by an advertiser on your website and every time any user clicks it, the advertiser will pay you a set amount of money and this continues unless the ad is removed.


Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC is an advertising platform that is developed to bring traffic to your websites via search engines. This employ ad which will appear on other search engines or partner websites. For this, an advertiser has to spend a certain amount as hosting charges whenever any user clicks on the ads. PPC is the current trend of internet advertising. It has a more advanced, focused and targeted method for running PPC campaigns.

What's the most attractive feature? You don't have to pay if your ads are your hanging since months on the host's websites, instead, you just have to pay when a user clicks on it.

PPC is that technique in which the advertiser pay on per clicked. It is the internet Advertisement and way to get visitor and enhance the traffic on website. It also known as CPC (Cost Per Click). PPC is very important for business because In this we can run Ads. It is helpful in SEM, SMM and Display ads. Weblease India helps you to run PPC on low cost. We use technique. And we examine the website after that we use strategy.


  • Pay Per Click confirms a quick visibility of your website.
  • You receive your targeted clients or visitors in a large number.
  • There are no rigid costs you just have to pay only per click.
  • Enforcing PPC for your website is quick and easy. You just have to fill the form and follow the guidelines.
  • Carrying out the campaign is in your hand as an advertiser. You can edit whenever and wherever required.
  • ROI calculation can be done quickly and is very easy.

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The team at Weblease India works with deeply examined strategy by the client's profile as well as the market to be aimed at. We plan, create and deliver 100% fully optimized results We have built a reputation to confidently say that we are undoubtedly one of the trusted and innovative partners you have been scrolling down through the web pages for.


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