Email Marketing

Despite all the trends of messaging, emails till holds an essential place in the communication field, especially for business. It is the most pivotal Internet Marketing Tool. Any successful internet promotion is incomplete without email marketing.


Bulk Email Services

Weblease India offers a robust package of Email Marketing Services which includes the essential features as well as the small features that hold an integral place in the Internet Marketing World. Those days are long gone where people replied after months on emails or SMS, now everyone is 24/7 available at emails. Email is a professional way of contacting an individual or any business. Since marketing is so in trend along with emails, why not blend both of them as per your needs? Weblease India will help you get more clients, create a good market position, reach out to your customers as well as make strong connections with your old as well as potential customers. Try our bulk email services for sending one email to each one in your contact list, schedule bulk emails, and many other bulk services.

Email Marketing Campaign

There are various ways through which our expert team of content writers, designers, and our leaders will help you out:

  • According to your target audience, we understand the objective before creating an Email Marketing Campaign
  • Consider and develop your emailer with the latest design and fresh copy
  • Use advanced tools for the emailer
  • Track and regulate the Email Marketing Campaign. Simultaneously, sending reports to clients about the open-rates, click through rates, etc.

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Bulk Email Platform

Weblease India is a Bulk Email Service Provider in Delhi, offering an-inclusive email marketing services such as spam checking, promotional emails, newsletters, etc. We help you to remain connected with your budding customers by using a mass email service and thereby turning your products into a famous brand name. We offer you 100% genuine services, no matter who or from where your customers are.

Email Marketing

The brainy experts at Weblease India are savvy enough to offer a convenient and trouble-free way of helping the clients in developing the strategies for a smooth running of their business.


Personalization is when the marketers or the clients enable subscriber data within their emails to make the content feel custom-built for the individual. In this way, the customer opens the emails and the revenue is sped up to 760% as it benefits the marketers a lot.


Worrying about how to send so many emails at different timings? Don't stress out, we have got the perfect solution to Scheduling Emails, Sending Bulk Emails, Editing, Deleting or Sending it at a particular time set by you.


A bulk email assistance that permits you to send emails to a long list of various recipients by integrating email into the applications. This helps you in sending one [iece of email to various people and also a unique email to every individual in your contact list with the use of a bulk-email service.

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