This is why you should test Facebook’s Instant Experience Ads now!

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This is why you should test Facebook’s Instant Experience Ads now!


Have you heard about Facebook’s groundbreaking ad format? What is its name? We call it Instant Experience Ads. Not well-known to you? Or you might be knowing it as Canvas Ads! A few months back, it has been renamed to specify precisely what the ad is about and what it does. Some new features are also added to it, making it even more rewarding for the businessmen or advertisers. Below, we have outlined the three big reason why you should go and try it out now:

1. Share your Whole Story

Were you irritated because you wanted to impart your whole idea through that one Facebook post? According to the Facebook Ads rule, you should not use many words in one post and also fewer texts in the images. Worrying about how will you spread the message of your brand? That's where Instant Experience Ads will help you out. It lets the businessmen and the advertisers construct a micro-site, with functions of adding images, videos, ad sets and leads forms. These are often used to explain a full campaign, a perfect demonstration of the products and their usage, etc. When you have a vast idea worth sharing you should opt for Instant Experience Ads.

2. Let creativity burn in your heart

The businessmen and the brands can showcase all of their creativity in Instant Experience Ads as there are a wide variety of elements present over here.

From a single image to multiple images, videos, and carousels, you can insert many elements in your ad rather than just a link or image that the previous versions of ads allowed. Before sending Instant Interactive ads to an ad account, firstly it’s made in a different tab of Publishing tools in the profile or the Creative Hub. You can also add several components just in a click, making the interface of ad superb. Preview of the ad is simultaneously running so that you can see in which form your ad will reach the audience.

So, from the designing perspective, it’s easy as making changes takes place in just a click.

Check out some of the best ad examples here.

3. Engage Your Audience

Instant Experience Ads deserves a clap because of the various features it offers to us. It brings a lot of audience engagement. One profitable feature it brings to us is the unique reporting system. There is a different analytic “Canvas View Time” which reports you about the average total duration in seconds that people spent in seeing your ad. It’s an excellent way of determining the rate of interest that your ad generated. There are so many creative elements in this ad, you cannot stop yourself from using this ad ever.

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Posted On: 4 November 2018