How to Get your Tweet Retweeted?

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Currently, there are more than 450 million Twitter users, out of which some might be inactive, some might be fake accounts or some might be bots. Despite all this, you still have to struggle for attention on this big platform. So, unless and until you’re a famous influencer, a victorious leader, a lovable pop-star, a millionaire entrepreneur, your tweet would get lost in the crowd. So, if you want your tweet to get retweeted or to make sure it gets seen by people, make sure it’s perfect, polished and creatively carved out.

Does it make you curious about the ideal tweet length, when it should be tweeted and at what time?

Read below to find out:

A perfect tweet should be of how many characters?

If you want to deliver a perfect, famous tweet, or if you’re advertising your product, you should make sure your tweet is capable enough to get retweeted. Twitter has permitted 15 characters for username, and that implies that you’re left with 120 characters to turn the game around with. You need to keep in mind that you’re filling out space. According to a report published by Hubspot, it was mentioned that the tweets with 130 characters in length were found to be more attractive than the rest. Remember not to exceed 130 characters as the click rate goes down by over half.

At what time should you tweet?

According to a research published by, Twitter users are most active on weekdays from 1 pm to 3 pm, while the click-rates are at the peak around 2:30 pm. If we look from the office perspective, this happens when everyone has come up after lunch and is taking a refreshment before they start working on their work again.

On which day, should you tweet? also mentioned that one should not tweet during the weekends as traffic drops down tremendously. You should also avoid tweeting on a Friday after 8 pm and 3 pm. People use Twitter on weekdays more, thus traffic is high during the weekdays, and especially on Monday, traffic is at its peak on the first day of the week.So, now that we are done with the essential guidelines of a Twitter post, we can summarise a perfect tweet as the one with 125 characters, tweeted at 2:30 pm on a Monday afternoon.

Of course, your tweet has to contain relatable or informative content or any trending news in any form: video, text, image, or any hashtag.

Follow these tips to stay in the trend.


Posted On: 4 November 2018