Follow the 2018 trend to keep your content at the top!

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Every organization in the market is employing various techniques and investing an enormous amount in content marketing to get the best results from investment. Thus, they have entered the market with a bang of content marketing trends for 2018, in order to promote content in a fresh and vigorous way.

According to a study, more than 65% of the businesses have stated that content marketing strategies are paying off better than the past few years.

There is an improved performance & success of content in the current scenario and many factors are contributing towards it. Accurate audience targeting, dandy content and methodological content strategy. So, it’s imperative to keep yourself updated on the Content Marketing trends for a substantial growth of your business.

Following are the trends to follow in 2018 for Content Marketing:

1. Quality instead of quantity

Companies that promote many blogs in one day get notified less than other companies who publish excellent quality content almost twice or thrice a week. So, according to the 2018 content marketing trend, you should post thrice a week instead of posting daily.

2. Video Content Production

There is a demand for video content as it gathers attention from a majority of people for a long time. Up to 83% of marketers want to create video content whereas at least 42% wants to go for a live video. The average organic video search is 8.7%.

3. Virtual Reality

Usage of Virtual Reality for content has increased from 18 million in 2016 to 171 million by 2018. Virtual reality content is an interactional type of content. It drives the viewer to completely participate and thus there is a high chance for them to engage with our brand.

4. More focus on Generation Z

Generation Z holds greater buying power in today’s world. This generation is a fresh target born in the late 90s and mid-2000 with a steady job. The content should be developed keeping these superheroes in mind as they can be our loyal and intelligent customers.

5. Presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent place for B2B marketers. Currently, 90% of marketers use LinkedIn for getting their business leads. So, it’s crucial for a brand to be suited up on LinkedIn to get as many as possible clients and leads.

6. Creative & Interactive email

Formerly, emails were boring and drawn-out. Did you ever open emails which were trying to sell the brand in complicated and tedious words? Never. So, emails should be creative and interactive enough so that the user is compelled enough to read it. It holds a 27.2% trend of the 2018 content-marketing trend.

 Follow the big bang 2018 trend to keep your content at the top.

Hurry, make the changes ASAP!

Posted On: 29 October 2018