Feeling uninspired? Follow these 3 steps to get back on the track

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This digital world has become very grand but it has its pros and cons. If we look at the positive aspect, we have a direct hand to access the vast pool of information about anything and everything. Whereas if we look at the negative side, the positive aspect turns up to be the downfall of everything.

The artistic entrepreneurs utilize this information to a greater extent to get motivated for a new idea, a creative thought or when the need is to open up ways to look for a new vision. But many times the digital world seems suffocating when one is attempting to create something entirely new.

Everyone is gifted with creativity but not everyone knows how to unleash it. Even when everyone is congratulating you for the grand work, you feel your work is insignificant. This is how the digital world kills your confidence.

We want to be innovative and we want to create something unique, non-reproduced for the world. Anyway, it doesn’t happen the same way and we end up feeling demotivated, frustrated and weary.

When you have to be creative enough, you should not take it as “just another thing to do”. There are a lot of ways to get super enthusiastic about your work when demotivation drains you out.

If you get creative block very often here are three tips to help you get back flowing again:

1. Shuffle your Environment or Surrounding:

For creative beings, one thing is enough to inspire them. But, the same thing can drag them down too. Looking at the same walls, the same window and the same desktop every day can prove to be a big bummer. Your creative mind needs something new and inspiring.

You can switch up your workplace. If you generally spend a significant part of your work time from your office, then you should go to a local coffee shop and work from there for some time.

Take your time, listen to the sounds in your surrounding, the fragrance of the air and observe people for some time. You have got enough of creativity inside yourself but sometimes, you also need to pull creative energy just by being in a different space with new people. Sometimes a little commotion in front of your eyes is necessary to keep your creative juices flowing. Believe it, a little distraction is necessary to keep your mind refreshed.

“I believe your atmosphere and your surroundings create a mind state for you.”

-Theophilus London

2. Give a bump to your routine work

You might be a night owl. You might even give your best at 2 am. But despite all that, for once go to bed early and set an alarm of 6 am. It’s okay if you are not a morning person, you don’t necessarily have to change your routine, you just have to make your brain believe that you can work well at any of the time day as well as night.

Your mind believes whatever you say to yourself. Don’t rumble through your day in a hope that you’ll find your inspiration at night.

Sometimes a bump in your routine work can be an accelerator in bringing the best version of your project.

3. Change your outlook

You might not know but your desire for perfection or the desire to exceed your last performance might be your biggest creativity blocker. This desire turns into a writer's block and then finally demotivating you enough to give a back seat.

This desire might be the demon in your work life as this puts a pressure on your mind to be perfect and unique. This burns out your freedom to be you and even hinders your originality. There’s no space left for creativity once the demon of perfection sets in. So, don’t exhaust yourself. Target better results.

“The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage.”


It doesn't matter much if you are taking small steps or long steps, as long as you're working towards your aim. If you want to do something unique and set your creative juice flowing again, try at least one of these tips and see the difference it creates.

Which one of these tips did you find most suitable and why? Let us know.

Posted On: 3 November 2018