Adopting the same Facebook Marketing Strategies? Use three simple steps to rule out your competitors.

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Do you think “best practices” works under every type of circumstances? Do you think the same technique that did wonders on one platform will perform the same in others? Not possible!
When we encase “best practices” in everything we do, we are actually picking up “worst practices”. There are many a lot of marketing taboos that we should avoid doing. These taboos also include Facebook marketing. 
Below, we have summed up three big taboos of Facebook Marketing that you should break now!


1. Sometimes, lengthy catches more attention

What we all know about Facebook texts is that they should be short and crisp in order to create more engagements. People seldom or to be right they never shared lengthy posts because they know others wouldn't pay much attention to it. Yes, makes total sense!
But many people broke this taboo using the 400+ word article update on the business, technology or current issue and people read it too. This technique worked because it’s a cornerstone post. In just one Facebook post, they included everything related a topic. For example, if we are talking about Facebook ads, then there should be an internal linking to topics such as ”How to create a Facebook ad”, “The successful elements of a Facebook Ad”, “Why isn’t your Facebook ad
 running properly?”, etc. This is a correct example for cornerstone content. It includes everything related to a Facebook ad. 
We can also provide links to various websites providing an in-depth knowledge of the topic. This makes your Facebook update imperative.


2. Post when everyone is sleeping

It’s said that you should post when your audience or your fans are scrolling through their news feed. If you do this, your post will reach a wide number of people and a great audience will love to read it, if they find it exciting.
This rule was followed by everyone until a person names Jon Loomer started getting a wider reach through his posts which were updated when his fans were sleeping.
Jon taught us that during this time there is a less noise and if your content is great it means high performance.


3. Recycle your Old Contents

Yes, fresh, new and useful content is the best way to increase your engagement. This theory is only limited to some extent, let’s face the reality that posting new content every time can be a terrifying task because of the lengthy process: curating, creating and the final testing. That’s why big companies experiment with old contents by recycling them and driving engagements.
Experiment again and again 
Your Facebook fans and community is very different and unique from all the other Facebook pages that are currently running. We can derive best practices from pages and apply it to our page which has equal chances of either being the best strategy for your page or turn your engagement down. Not everything will work for
your page. Before fully employing a practice, test it, analyze it, and then follow it forever. And then arises the need, it should be re-modified or challenged.

Just shift away from all the Facebook marketing taboos for 30 days, and see what works the best for your page.

Posted On: 4 November 2018