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Do you think a Social Media Manager’s work is as easy as eating a pie? Well, then you’re undoubtedly wrong as there is an extensive list of skills that these creative and brainy individuals possess, vital for expanding your business online. It’s the best phase to take the lead. According to CNN & PayScale, Social Media Manager ranked 42 in the list of top 100 careers for “big advancement, high pay & refreshing work.” It’s perfect. People look forward to connecting with brands on the social network, companies now want Social Media Managers to flourish their business online.

By the end of this article, you’ll apprehend the essence of creating an engaging, artistic content. Not only this you’ll also interpret how it works for your business’s growth, no matter what your experience is. Even if you’re hiring a manager these are the skills you should look for, in a Social Media Expert.

So below, we’re enlisting some of the vital skills and tools required to excel in this field:

1. Writing & Editing 

Whether you’re developing an Instagram post or captions for Pinterest, words should do magic. A creative writing or an attractive will aid in engagement with your customers, prolong your organic reach and in this way Social Media Experts can leave a trail of sparkle behind, through their work.

Now, give a quick glance at the brands with a firm social media presence. What attracts people to these types of pages is their remarkable writing style which further increases their followers.

Wait, are you wondering, “What if I cannot write in such an attractive way?”, Don’t worry, there are tools to help you out. The best app we could suggest for your writing would be Hemingway App, which will let you talk straight to the point.

After a long interval, try editing the posts in a good, old-fashioned way. This will increase your creativity as well as the new visitors engaged.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is a correlation between Search Engine Optimization and the reach on social media which is quite arduous to understand. According to Google, the reach on social media does not affect the SEO rankings, but the real picture is entirely different.

Content that’s getting renowned over social media with the majority of likes, comments & shares will come into Goole’s notice which will further impact your rankings. This is undoubtedly a correlation, so if you don’t wish to construct your social media strategy on the base of SEO, it’s better to take care of the minor mistakes that most of the social media managers make.

Don’t worry, there are numerous useful SEO tools in the market. LSI Graph identifies keywords related to your business, in addition to the fundamental keyword. Even if you are willing to write about similar topics, it gives you a list.

Wait, are you thinking that SEO is very complex? Then, let me tell you that the popularity goes to great content and something that people would be able to relate to. If you are using complicated words, there’s a high chance that people would glance over it and walk away. Nobody spares much time over the internet as there are a lot of other options they can switch to. So, consider using user-friendly content to make the visitors stay.

3. Customer Service

If a customer is bugging a company repeatedly, it’s due to some or the other sort of urgency. From an individual perspective, we don’t like being on hold. We switch to social media to communicate with the brand or get my complaints resolved. As published in a study by J.D. Power, almost 67% percent of buyers switch to social media to ask questions or getting their complaints resolved. 

Thus, it’s mandatory for a Social Media Manager to be equipped with some fundamental customer service skills such as:

 ✔ Punctual: More than 70% of consumers who are using social media platforms to communicate with you are in urgent need of a solution, maybe within an hour or less.

✔ Learn how to search and supervise conversations related to your business or brand. Some necessary tools such as Hootsuite, Talkwalker will help you set up social media streams and follow keywords and conversations.

✔ Don’t wait for the customer to drop a complaint. Instead, be ahead of the curve when it comes to communicating with your followers.

✔ Consumers are loyal to those brands who loyal to them in return. Returning to the customers with affirmative answers develops a good image of the brand on their mind and they are more likely to suggest us to their friends.

So, a social media manager should be proactive when it comes to communicating with the customers as that builds a strong brand presence across the social media sites.

4. Designing & Editing Skills

Everyone has a smartphone and anyone can be a great photographer these days. So, it has become a pre-requisite for a social media manager to have a clear-cut eye for design and images that are in demand.

According to research, a post leaves more impact on people only when an image accompanies it. 

You need not have a degree in graphic designing to make eye-catching content for your social media platforms. Many websites come with free stock photos, an excellent color palette, and font that goes along well.

Some of the best tools that anyone can use to create exciting visuals are Adobe Stock, Pablo, Canva, Pixteller, Snapa. You create a post and there you go, getting all the attention you wanted.

5. Video Creation

Video catches more people than just an image. If you want to reach a customer, create an engaging video and see how many views you gather up on it. Video drives more traffic and in the coming years, videos will cover your news feed to the maximum. What’s the point? Social Media Managers should polish up their creative skills to create powerful content for all the social media platform and also learn how to optimize video for these platforms.

Tools like Animoto can help you create basic but interactive videos. Make sure to check out some of the advanced but easy-to-create video tools such as Spark Video by Adobe, Ripl, Go Animate, Biteable. 

6. Analytical Skills & Reporting

Business is always result & profit oriented. A social media manager must have the skills to prove the return on investment.

Tools like Hootsuite Impact, lets you measure the ROI of the organic or paid social media channels. Give it a try to change the concept of analytics in a snap. Being a Social Media Manager, you’ve to understand how to show and improve ROI because the whole business depends on it.

7.Paid Methods

There is a relationship between organic and paid social media efforts which is a big asset for a social media manager. One of the handiest as well as the influential marketing tools is an organic social presence. You’ve got a loyal audience who will ultimately like your post when they will be able to connect with it. This lets you know your best product and where the money should be spent on. If you’re going to run a paid social media campaign, or thinking which post should be boosted to drive traffic to your page, a basic understanding of how social ads can help you, is an effective skill that any Social Media Manager must have.

A tool that you should buy for ads is AdEspresso. It enables you to create and examine all the ads in just a few minutes. You’ll never regret using the headline or any different picture.

8. Research and planning

Being a Social Media Marketer, you should possess excellent research skills because you can’t spread any fact without any credible sources. Our audience is a lot smarter than what we perceive them to be. They need a proof of what you say. So, make sure you’ve your data from a reliable source. While researching make sure to refine your results. This will save your time as well as make your report more reliable.

Don’t forget to understand how your research fits for your social media plan as well as your business. Things have to be done carefully as any brand or company might get left in the race right at this moment because of the heavy competition. A regular planning and research are a must to keep yourself updated with what’s happening in the market and your business goals.


Note: Don’t forget to create a social media calendar to ensure punctual activities of your brand across all the social media platforms.

Posted On: 26 March 2018