4 Twitter Tools You Should Surely Give A Try

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Twitter is a fantastic tool in itself. But you might not know that there are other tools as well using which you can employ to fully enjoy its potential.
Since there is a heap of information filling out everyone’s news feed, it becomes pretty challenging to maintain your indulgence in the current conversation and to yourself au fait of the current news the market.
As a result, we have summed up four tools to turn Twitter into a good Samaritan instead of a time fritterer.
Buffer is a post scheduling tool which supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Buffer offers a free version as well as a Premium version. The free version allows you to manage a single account and schedule up to 9 posts. The premium version bills you just $10 monthly and is worth the amount as it allows one to control various accounts and also the post scheduling limit is increased up to 50.
It also comes with an Analytics section which offers an excellent insight into the performance of your posts and your pages too, while on the other hand it is packed with a specialty feature: Scheduling tab which lets you schedule the posts on different accounts at your specified date and time. This concludes that you don’t have to be present on Twitter every single day, you just have to use half an hour from your schedule to manage it and even though you’ll be busy in your meeting, Buffer will speak what you had scheduled at the right time. You don’t have to struggle to stay in the conversation.
Available as: A website, a mobile App, and chrome extension.
2. Crowdbooster
Twitter analytics wouldn’t be more comfortable than this. This shows the total no. of impressions on your post, all the replies, retweets of one week in one full graph. Not only this, Crowdfire has a unique feature which allows you to see the growth of your followers in the long run, your influencer followers & your most famous retweets. 
Also, according to your publishing history, it suggests your perfect time to post an update.
Available as: a website
3. Twylah 
Twylah is used to build a “brand page” for your twitter feed page. It is like a webpage consisting of your tweets,  classified in different categories. The categories are shown in an order corresponding to what you tweet about the maximum. It even shows pictures to make it visually attractive. There is a special feature to check out: “Power Tweets” which lets you send your power tweet at the correct time and date.
There are SEO benefits too as your Twylah page is shown on Google and simultaneously links up your tweets.
Available as: a website
 4. Pocket
Erstwhile, Pocket was known as “Read It Later”. This app is all about the read later services for Twitter’s app and has gained great reviews over the time. Many people don’t like to read blogs on their phones and likes to read it on their laptop once they get time. It just made for Twitter, it is also available as an extension for Chrome so that you can add everything in the list of reading later.
Available as: a Website, a Chrome Extension

These are some of the best Twitter tools that you can use for an efficient utilization of Twitter. 
Drop down what other apps have you tried so far!

Posted On: 4 November 2018