10 mistakes you should never make in Content Marketing

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the past few years, businesses are grabbing the market using creative content as their weapon. A good content guarantees brand awareness as well as visibility. The most important thing to keep in mind while developing content is that it shouldn’t be a boring article with advanced use of complicated words, instead, it should be an excellent way of storytelling. A simple definition wouldn't stop a reader but a story will stop each and everyone and if the audience likes it, they will share it too which increases your visibility.

In order to make the readers stop by, content marketers should avoid these mistakes:

1. Using the same tag & content on all the Digital platforms and expecting similar results

A long content which will do wonders on Facebook or a 30 second Ad on youtube might not guarantee you success. As a content marketer if you are reprocessing content, you need to careful of the platform and its features. A content that will gain popularity on Facebook might not certainly work on the other.

2. Just talking about the brand and forgetting to tell a story.

Do not just keep boasting about your brand as it will not grab readers attention for a long time. Use a story to grab the audience’s focus instead of featuring yourself in it. A good story will automatically draw people to your brand.

3. Forgetting to pay for a perfect script.

If a celebrity is promoting your brand, people will surely look at it but only ONCE if it lacks a strong script. In the end, it won’t matter much even if the celebrity is globally known.

4. Trying to be global without any motive.

Companies like to lay down on the back of current events to increase their presence. But if the content or ad isn’t thoughtful, it won’t get much notice and will get lost in the crowd.

5. Chokling more content will not guarantee success

A long article full of unnecessary words will receive less or no popularity but a short, crisp and a meaningful content will get widespread in less than no time. So, try focusing on quality instead of quantity.

6. Not using your bank balance to widen the reach of your best content

If the marketing team has worked enough to create fantastic content then it is necessary to become spendthrift over here and promote the content to an audience as broad as possible.

7. More attention to strategy

You are paying an enormous amount to the influencers but your ads lack strategy, so how will it create an impression? Thus, companies must set out the strategy and then develop the message with the help of content creators for a better result.

8. A message should be clear, not complicated.

The message that you’re trying to convey must be clear. It shouldn’t create confusion amongst the audience. If this is combined with good packaging you have a win-win situation.

9. Wastage of time in the content calendar rather than developing a content strategy.

Instead of focusing on what is posted to be when try focusing more on the tone, the type and the strategy of content. The content should get you to interact more with the audience.

So, be more careful of these mistakes from next time in order to top your content.



Posted On: 3 November 2018